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Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Horn and its Surgical Management – a Report of Three Cases

D. K. Giri Deepak Kumar Kashyap Govina Dewangan S. K. Tiwari R. C. Ghosh Bhupendra Sinha
Vol 1(1), 55-58

One of the most commonly encountered neoplastic conditions of economic importance in zebu bullock is horn cancer (Udharwar et al., 2008). Horn cancer is generally unilateral and is encountered in cattle between 5-10 years of age (Tyagi and Singh, 2006).The castrated bullocks appear to be very susceptible than bulls and cows. The disease is associated with chronic irritation of the horns at their base by yoke (Shastry, 2001). The present communication describes a report of three cases of the horn cancer in bullocks.

Keywords : Squamous Cell Carcinoma Surgical Management

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