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Testicular Tumor in a Colt – A Case Report

V. Mahesh C. L. Sunil T. D. Lamani B. N. Nagaraja
Vol 10(3), 205-208

A three and half-year-old colt was presented to the Department of Surgery and Radiology, Veterinary College, Bangalore with a history of swelling in the scrotum for two months. On clinical examination, a hard-uniform mass of testicle palpable within the left scrotal sac. The gelding was performed using xylazine and ketamine anesthesia. Histopathology confirmed the case as diffuse testicular seminoma. With a course of antibiotic, analgesic and with regular wound dressing, the animal showed uneventful recovery.

Keywords : Colt Gelding Seminoma Testicular Tumor

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