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Therapeutic Management of Pre-Partum Vaginal Prolapse in a Crossbred Cow: A Case Report

Rajesh Kumar B. Singh Safayat Husain R. P. Diwakar H. C. Verma
Vol 10(6), 164-167

A pluriparous crossbred cow presented at Veterinary Clinical Complex, C.V.Sc. & A.H., ANDUAT, Kumarganj, Ayodhya with the history of last week of gestation. On the basis of history and gynaeco-clinical examination, the case is diagnosed as Grade I vaginal prolapse and managed with calcium and phosphorus therapy along with adoption of other management measures. The case was recovered uneventfully. Only few reports are available which suggest deficiency of calcium and phosphorus as a cause of vaginal prolapse in crossbred cows. Therefore, the present case placed on the record.

Keywords : Crossbred Cow Prepartum Therapeutic Management Vaginal Prolapse

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