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Studies on Production Performance of Phule Triveni

S. S. Patale D. K. Deokar N. Sharma S. M. Khupse P. D. Mali S. D. Beldar
Vol 11(2), 128-132

The records pertaining to 1049 lactations of 382, Phule Triveni cows maintained at Research Cum Development Project on Cattle, MPKV, Rahuri over a period of 40 years from1977-2016, were used for research work. The overall least squares mean for 300 DMY, LMY, PMY, DAPMY and LL in Phule Triveni were 2638.76±31.61 kg, 2692.48±37.02 kg ,13.91±0.10 kg, 32.71±0.65 days and 331.89±2.96 day, respectively. Most of the traits under study were significantly affected by period of calving, lactation order and peak milk yield, while season of calving and age at first calving had non-significant effect.

Keywords : Lactation Milk Yield Milk Production Peak Milk Yield Period of Calving Phule Triveni

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