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Constraints Faced by Livestock and Poultry Farmers of Punjab during Covid-19 Pandemic and Actions Sought for Future Preparedness

Jaswinder Singh Parminder Singh Chawla Yogendra Singh Jadoun R. K. Kasrija S. K. Kansal H. K. Verma
Vol 11(8), 11-17

COVID-19 pandemic not only afflicted the public health but it brought a catastrophe for livestock and poultry farmers. The sudden imposement of national-wide lockdown, gave no time to livestock farmers to prepare themselves for this devastating dream. Consequently, each livestock owner suffered a major setback during this COVID-19 pandemic. This study was conducted to ascertain the types of problems farmers faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and what actions they thought are needed for preparedness to face such calamity in the future. Keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, four online meetings were conducted; one each with dairy, poultry, goat, and pig farmers respectively. A total of 67 farmers participated in these online meetings. No/very low sale of livestock or their produce, feed paucity, financial crunch, diseases incidence, poor veterinary service, low knowledge level, decrease in the price of livestock produces are some of the constraints reported by the participants. Further, knowledge updation, promotion of organized sector, compensation for the losses occurred, and early warning system are some of the action measures sought by the participants. Besides, ten points agenda have been discussed which could help to make strategy for future preparedness in any eventuality.

Keywords : Constraints COVID-19 Livestock Farmers Mitigation Measures Punjab

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