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Constraints Perceived by Field Veterinarians for Providing Animal Health Services in Haryana and Punjab State

Arjun Prasad Verma Hans Ram Meena Diksha Patel and Priajoykar
Vol 10(3), 152-159

The study has assessed the constraints perceived by field veterinarian in delivery of animal healthcare services, both curative and preventive in Haryana and Punjab state by selecting 60 Veterinary Officers from 6 districts, 10 VOs from each district of the state. The study has revealed that the policy of delivery of subsidized animal healthcare services (AHS) does not seem to be serving its real purpose as most of the farmers in the study area have been observed to avail the services of private practitioners. The analysis of attributes associated with various AHS providers has revealed that ‘farmer prefer natural service over AI’ is the major constraining factor in the uptake of AHS. Lack of participation of VOs in various policy making and planning process, insufficient budget allocation for programme execution, arbitrary target fixation for Al (Artificial Insemination) by the department, inadequate subordinate staff in the government veterinary hospital, lack of awards and rewards were reported as most important constraints in delivering of animal health services in Haryana and Punjab states.

Keywords : Animal Health Services Constraints Perception Veterinary Officers

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