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Perception of Livestock Owners about Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture Vis-A-Vis Animal Husbandry in Two Agro Climatic Zones of North India

S. K. Singh D. V. Kolekar H. R. Meena
Vol 2(2), 137-145

The study was conducted in Western Himalayas and Middle Gangetic plain agro climatic zones of India to know the perception of farmers about climate change and its effect agriculture and animal husbandry. Study revealed that majority of the respondents was extremely sure that climate change is happening and they think that climate change is caused by both natural and human activities. Respondents agreed that climate change has negative impact on agriculture vis-a-vis animal husbandry and they perceived decreasing trend of feed and fodder resources, water resources. Majority of respondents (60.83 %) observed that there is increased incidence of diseases case and 83 percent respondents pointed out that there are increases in the incidences of parasitic infestation in livestock. further, majority of interviewees accepted that due to climate change phenomenon and precipitation patterns there is delay in the onset of winter and monsoon season. Eighty five percent respondents perceived an increase in extreme rainfalls events but overall decrease in average rainfall, whereas 93 percent of respondents told that there is decrease in the length of rainy season. Eighty nine percent of respondents reported erratic rainfalls pattern in the study area. However, majority of the respondents (70.83%) perceived an increased insect pest and disease on crops. The reason was linked directly to the decrease in snowfall in Western Himlayan region and precipitation in Middle Gengetic region leading to warmer climate, especially during winter in recent years. The increase in climate extreme phenomenon such as draught and flood in Middle Gengetic region, whereas cloudbursts and landslides in Western Himalayan region has been widely noted over time by the respondents.

Keywords : Farmers Perception Climate change Western Himalyan region Middle Gangetic plain region India

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