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Utilization Pattern of Feed and Fodder for Dairy Animals in Rajasthan State of India

Devendra Kumar Meena Gopal Sankhala and Sunil Kumar
Vol 10(3), 67-73

The present study was conducted in semi-arid zone of Rajasthan, having the highest livestock and bovine population. Feed and fodder constitute about 60-70 per cent of cost of milk production. These feed resources, mainly consists of grasses, legumes and cereal crop residues which vary across the major agro- ecological ones of the Rajasthan. Hence, an investigation was conducted in Dausa and Tonk districts with proportionate randomly selected 240 dairy farmers who were growing at least two fodder crops in a cropping year. It was found that a combination of grazing and stall feeding was practiced by 49.86 per cent of the farmers. Whereas, majority of respondents used to provide feed and water three times in a day in study area. It was also found that 66.52 per cent of them were providing chaffed green fodder to the animals.

Keywords : Dairy Animals and Utilization Pattern Feed Fodder

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