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Augmentation of Productive Performance of Murrah Buffaloes Fed with Prilled Fat and Yeast Culture in Periparturient Period

Ajithakumar H. M. Mahendra Singh Meeti Punetha Archana Sarangi Brijesh Patel Rayees M. D.
Vol 8(3), 52-58

Experimetnal Murrah buffaloes (18) in early lactation were fed (SG) a mixture of 100g prilled fat and 25g Saccharomyces cerevisiae from -21day prepartum to 90 days postpartum, while another group of buffalo served as CON. Blood samples were collected at fortnightly intervals and analyzed for plasma glucose, lipid profile (LDL, HDL, cholesterol, triglycerides) and urea level by analytical kits. Milk production and reproductive performance parameters like onset of first postpartum heat, service period and conception rate were recorded. Supplementation of the mixture increased (p<0.05) milk yield in SG buffaloes by 24.4% over the CON (9.33 vs. 7.5 kg/d). SG buffaloes exhibited first postpartum estrous earlier (P<0.05) by 11 days and had higher conception rate with less number of AI/conception than the CON. Plasma glucose (p<0.05), cholesterol and HDL level increased (p<0.05) in SG than the CON, however BUN, plasma urea, triglyceride and total protein level remained unchanged by feeding (P>0.05). It was concluded that supplementation of prilled fat and S. cerevisiae mixture improved milk yield and reproductive performance without affecting BUN, plasma urea, triglyceride, and total protein levels, however glucose, cholesterol levels especially HDL-good cholesterol increased.

Keywords : Energy Metabolites Lipid Profile Murrah Buffaloes Milk Yield Prilled Fat S. cerevisiae

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