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Body Measurements and Condition Score in Boer Growing Kids

Basavaraj Tandle M. K. Basavaraj Awati Dilipkumar D. Patil N. A. Bijurkar R. G.
Vol 8(4), 245-253

The present study was conducted to evaluate the linear body measurement, testicular measurement and body condition score from 29th to 49th week of age in seven Boer goats. The linear body measurement parameters viz. body weight, stature, chest width, heart girth / chest girth, wither height, body depth, body length, flank width, rump width, and body condition score increased gradually from 29th to 49th weeks of age and the increase was statistically significant (P<0.01). Similarly, The scrotal parameters like testicular length, scrotal circumference and diameter also increased gradually from 29th to 49th weeks of age and difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). As the age advanced the linear body measurements, testicular measurements and body condition score of Boer kids increases.

Keywords : BCS Boer Bucks Linear Body Measurements Testicular Measurements

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