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Clinical and Haematobiochemical Response in Canine Ehrlichiosis in Puducherry Region

P. Abinaya A. Abiramy P. Vijayalakshmi K. Rajkumar D. Selvi N. Devadevi

The present research work was undertaken to study the importance of hematobiochemical changes in canine ehrlichiosis. Blood samples were collected from 35 dogs with clinical signs suggestive of ehrlichiosis. Out of 35 dogs 16 were positive for canine ehrlichiosis in species specific nested PCR. The common clinical findings observed in the positive animals were fever, swollen superficial lymphnodes and tick infestation. Haemotology evinced the Hb, PCV, RBC and thrombocyte levels were significantly reduced (P≤0.01) in comparison with apparently healthy animals. In differential leukocyte count monocytosis was noticed (P≤0.05). Serum biochemistry reveals significantly increased levels of globulin and AST (P< 0.01) than apparently healthy animals. In conclusion, the prevalence of canine ehrlichiosis was 45.71% in puducherry region and this following article discussed about the clinical and hemotobiochemical changes.

Keywords : Dogs Ehrlichia canis Monocytosis Nested PCR Rhipicephalus Sanguineus Thrombocytopenia

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