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Comparative Evaluation of Veterinary Cuttable Plate and Polypropylene Mesh Impregnated PMMA Plate for Fracture Repair of Tibia Bone in Goats

Vinit Doijode Dilip Kumar D. B. V. Shivaprakash
Vol 8(6), 160-169

The study was conducted in 12 goats with tibia fracture and these goats were randomly divided in two groups with six animals each. In group I, the fractures were immobilised by internal fixation with Veterinary Cuttable Plate (VCP) and in group II, the fractures were immobilised by polypropylene mesh impregnated PMMA plates and evaluated based on weight bearing and radiographic evaluation to study the healing of fracture with both plates. In group I, the animal showed mild to moderate weight bearing by 0 to 15th day and group II, the animals showed mild to moderate weight bearing by 7th to 15th day. Both the groups showed good to very good weight bearing by 30 to 60th day. Upon radiography, the group I showed minimal callus at the fracture site where as, the group II showed more callus formation on the far cortex side. It could be concluded from study that The polypropylene mesh impregnated PMMA plates has sufficient strength to provide stability of fracture site The veterinary cuttable plate provide slightly better stability at fracture site compared to polypropylene mesh PMMA plates as evidenced by radiographic study. Both the plates are very much economical and feasible for use in internal fixation in goats.

Keywords : Goat Fracture PMMA Tibia VCP

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