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Comparative Studies on Uterine Tocodynamometry in Cases of Primary Complete Uterine Inertia and Spontaneous Whelping Dogs

Chethana D. H. Krishnaswamy A. Sudha G.
Vol 8(2), 162-166

The present study was carried out the compare the amplitude and frequency of uterine contractions in 40 cases of Primary Complete Uterine Inertia (PCUI) and in 6 cases of spontaneous whelping. The strength of uterine contraction was < 10 % in 35 cases of PCUI treated with medical therapy (10 % Dextrose @ 1g/kg body weight, Calcium @ 0.2 ml / kg body weight I/V, but not exceeding a total dose of 10 ml and Oxytocin @) 2 IU, I/M) which is considered as a failure to exhibit uterine contraction. Whereas 5 cases of PCUI responded medical therapy with uterine contraction exhibiting > 10% for the duration of 30 min. and both uterine abdominal contraction was similar to spontaneous whelping.

Keywords : Primary Complete Uterine Inertia Tocodynametric Studies Uterine Contraction

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