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Constraints Perceived by Small Scale Goat Keepers in Goat Farming: A Study in Dhubri District of Assam

R. Islam C. K. Deka M. Hussain A. Paul P. Sutradhar
Vol 9(1), 145-149

The present study was undertaken to investigate the constraints faced by small scale goat keepers in Dhubri district of Assam. Four development blocks with 120 small goat keepers were considered for the present study. The study revealed that higher incidence of diseases was the major constraints of goat keepers with mean score of 77.83 and ranked first among all the constraints. Lack of grazing field (62.45) and recurrent flood (61.41) were ranked second and third major constraints respectively. Similarly scarcity of feed and fodder (59.92), inadequate veterinary facilities (58.78), higher mortality of kid (51.30), lower sale price of goat (49.98), lack of organized marketing facilities (44.29), scarcity of elite buck (42.20), lack of knowledge on scientific goat rearing (35.42), inbreeding (27.61) and lack of credit facilities (26.09) were also some other constraints of goat rearing. Considering above constraints, appropriate strategy could be formulated for the development of small scale goat keepers in Assam.

Keywords : Constraints Goat Keepers Grazing Field Recurrent Flood

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