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Cystorraphy, Ischeorectal Tube Cystostomy and Urethrotomy in Bullocks- A Clinical Study of Ten Cases

Mudasir Ahmad Shah Abas Rashid Bhat Prakash Kinjavdekar Amarpal Priya Singh Rohit Kumar Swarupananda Sahu Naveen Kumar Mohar Singh
Vol 8(2), 307-312

Total of 10 bullocks aged 7 to 10 years were received at Referral Veterinary Polyclinic IVRI, Izatnagar and were divided into two groups, five animals each. On clinical examination, bullocks with complete urine retention and ruptured urinary bladder were allotted to group I and were subjected to cystorraphy with ischeorectal tube cystostomy. The bullocks showing urine dribbling through urethral orifice with intact urinary bladder were allotted to group II and were subjected to postscrotal urethrotomy along with ischeorectal tube cystostomy. Group II animals showed a good and satisfied recovery with no postoperative deaths as compared to group I animals. It was concluded from the study that early presentation and timely surgical intervention of obstructive urolithiasis in bullocks can improve the recovery rate without any major complications.

Keywords : Bullocks Urolithiasis Urethrotomy Uroliths

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