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Effect of Calcium Pidolate on Egg Production and Egg Quality during Last Phase of Production Cycle with Reducing Levels of Inorganic Calcium

N. R. Joshi D. N. Desai A. S. Ranade P. E. Avari
Vol 9(1), 125-133

This study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of calcium pidolate supplementation on egg production and quality during the last phase of production cycle with reducing levels of inorganic calcium. 600 (BV 300 strain) layer birds of age 55 weeks were randomly divided into six equal groups with four replicates. Group A, C and E received diet with calcium level at 4%, 3%, 2% respectively while, group B, D and F received diet with calcium level at 4%, 3%, 2% respectively along with calcium pidolate supplementation @ 500 g/ ton of feed. The birds from group A recorded better performance with respect to total egg production, percent egg production, feed conversion ratio, total number of damaged eggs, hen house production and hen day production. The birds from group B recorded lowest number of broken eggs indicating calcium pidolate supplementation helped in reducing the downgraded eggs. Reducing calcium levels had detrimental effect on the health of birds. However, calcium pidolate supplementation was not useful in reducing the mortality. Different levels of calcium in the diet with or without calcium pidolate supplementation had no negative impact on the overall egg quality. Supplementation of calcium pidolate did not improve the eggshell quality. The tibia ash and tibia calcium percentage were the highest in birds from group A. Also, group A recorded the highest net profit per egg received which was Rs. 0.48. Thus, overall results conclude that using calcium at 4% level in the layer diet during last phase of production recorded better performance and profits. Calcium pidolate supplementation was unable to overcome the effects of reduced level of calcium in the layer diet during last phase of production cycle.

Keywords : Calcium Pidolate Organic Calcium Reducing Calcium

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