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Effect of Shellfish Industry Processing Waste Coated on Sunflower Extraction Replacing Soybean Meal on Performance of Broilers

P. E. Avari A. S. Ranade D. N. Desai
Vol 8(10), 357-364

A trial was conducted to evaluate the effect of feeding shellfish industry processing waste coated on sunflower extraction to replace soybean meal by part basis on the performance of broilers. 480 broilers of Cobb 400 strain were divided into eight groups of 60 chicks each with each group having six replicates of ten birds. Birds from groups A and B, were control receiving corn-soybean based diet without and with supplementation of enzyme, respectively. Birds from groups C, E and G received diets with coated sunflower extraction replacing soybean meal at 25, 50 and 75%, respectively, without supplementation of enzyme. Birds from groups D, F and H received diets same as groups C, E and G, respectively, with enzyme supplementation. Diet having coated sunflower extraction replacing soybean meal at 25% level with enzyme supplementation, helped in recording better live weights, gain in weights and feed consumption in broilers. Hence, it can be concluded that the use of coated sunflower extraction replacing soybean meal at 25% level with enzyme supplementation in the diet is useful in recording better production performance of broilers.

Keywords : Broilers Shellfish Industry Processing Waste Sunflower Extraction

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