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Effect of Supplementation of Chromium Picolinate on Skin Surface Temperature in Buffaloes during Heat Stress

Vidhyalakshmi G. M. D. K. Mahato S. S. Dangi V. P. Maurya M. Sarkar G. Singh
Vol 8(4), 264-271

The present experiment was aimed to investigate, the correlation between temperature humidity index (THI) and skin surface temperature (Ts) at different thermal windows of the body and to find the ameliorative effect of chromium picolinate (CrPiC3) supplementation on Ts during heat exposure in buffalo. The healthy male buffaloes were randomly allotted into three groups NHS (ambient control), HS (heat stressed) and HSC (heat stressed + CrPiC3 supplemented). Both pre- and post-exposure Ts on head, neck, ear, forelimb, flank and hind limb were recorded on days 0, 6, 11, 16, 21 and post-recovery (seven days after last heat exposure) with the help of infra-red digital thermometer. Statistical analysis showed (P<0.05) increase in Ts at all regions of the body in HS in comparison to NHS group. In addition, CrPiC3 supplementation showed the ameliorative effect by decreasing (P<0.05) Ts at different studied areas in HSC than HS group. It was found that THI and Ts of all surface areas were positively correlated with the highest correlation with hind limb Ts. It could be concluded that supplementation of diet with CrPiC3 during the period of heat stress improves the heat tolerance capability in buffaloes by decreasing Ts.

Keywords : Buffaloes Chromium Picolinate Heat Stress Surface Temperature

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