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Factors Affecting the Incidence of Repeat Breeding in Dairy Cows in Rajshahi district, Bangladesh

Soniya Akter Nishi Md. Jalal Uddin Sarder Md. Hemayatul Islam S. M. Kamruzzaman Md. Akhtarul Islam Rashida Khaton
Vol 8(10), 90-96

The objectives of the study were to determine the prevalence of repeat breeding and its associated risk factors in cows such as genotypes, age, parity and body condition at Rajshahi district. Data were collected by interviewing the owner of the cows using questionnaires from selected private dairy farms and Rajshahi Dairy and Cattle Improvement Farm (RDCIF) at Rajshahi district, Bangladesh during the period from January to December 2016. A total of 500 dairy cows were surveyed to find out the prevalence of repeat breeding in relation to genotypes, age parity and body condition of cows. The raw data were then sorted computed, coded and statistically analyzed with the help of SPSS (software 17.0 version) statistics software package. Our findings revealed that, the overall prevalence of repeat breeding in cows was 15.2%. The genotypes, age, parity and body condition of cows influenced the prevalence of repeat breeding in cows. The incidence of repeat breeding was highest in L×F (19.62%) and lowest in local cows (4.10%). Genotypes had highly significant (p<0.05) effect on Rb problems in dairy cows. The age groups of 4 to <6 years showed the highest incidence of Rb (17.07%) and age groups of 6 to <8 years showed the lowest incidence of Rb (14.15%). Age groups had slightly significant (P<0.05) effect on Rb. The incidence of Rb was higher in 3rd calving (22.22%) and lower was in 1st calving (7.24%). Parity had also significant (P<0.05) effect on Rb. It was observed that, the prevalence of Rb was maximum in medium (17.30%) and minimum in good body condition score of cows (5%). The prevalence of Rb was not significantly (p>0.05) influenced by the body condition score of cows.

Keywords : Age and Parity Cows Genotype Prevalence Repeat Breeding (Rb)

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