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Bovine paramphistomiasis – A Potential Cause of Bloat in Cattle

S. Sivaprakash Rajkumar K. Selvi D. Vijayalakshmi P. Abiramy Prabhavathy A Devadevi N Varshitha Nallakatla
Vol 11(6), 71-75

Prevalence of paramphistomiasis in cattle presented to TVCC, RIVER during the period from Jan 2019 to Dec 2019 was studied. This study was carried out to determine the prevalence and intensity of amphistomiasis as a potential cause of bloat in cattle in Puducherry in association with sex, age and season. A total of 248 cases with the history of dullness, inappetence, loss of body condition, jowl oedema, bloat and diarrhoea were selected for the study. Faecal samples were collected from the rectum and examined by direct microscopy as per standard procedure. The overall prevalence of paramphistomes was found to be 68.54% and present throughout the year. The highest rate of infection was found during the rainy season. The prevalence was higher in grazing animals than stall fed animals. The treatment of the infected animal was done with Bolus. Oxyclozanide @ 18.7 mg/Kg two doses PO on alternate days and with supportives including fluid therapy.

Keywords : Bloat Prevalence Paramphistomes Oedema and Oxyclozanide

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