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Prevalence and Risk Factors Assessment of Porcine Coccidiosis in Rajasthan, India

Sonu Yadav Abhishek Gupta Poonam Choudhary Vijayata
Vol 10(8),174-182

A cross sectional study was conducted for coproprevalence and associated risk factors for coccidiosis in pigs from 7 districts representing 6 agroclimatic zones of Rajasthan. A total of 769 faecal samples (371 stray and 398 farm animals) were collected during September, 2017– August, 2018. An overall prevalence rate of 40.18 % was recorded for coccidiosis in pigs with mixed infections of two or more species of Eimeria with a significantly higher (P<0.01) infection rate in stray pigs (68.73%) in comparison to farm animals (22.11%). Quantitative analysis revealed severe infection of Eimeria sp. on the basis of oocyst per gram of faeces ranging from 4200-438700 with an average of 33675±21390.52 and of Isospora suis ranging from 11000-22100 with an average of 16550±5550.834. Microscopic examination of sporulated oocysts revealed the presence of Isospora suis and six morphotypes of Eimeria viz., E. debliecki, E. neodebliecki, E. suis, E. porci, E. perminuta, E. scabra.

Keywords : Coccidiosis Eimeria Pigs Prevalence Rajasthan Risk Factors

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