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Ethno-veterinary Practices Followed by Farmers for Treatment of Reproductive Disorders in Dairy Animals

Subhash Chand B. S. Meena Sumit Prakash Yadav Mohan Lal Yadav Ashok Baindha N. K. Sharma
Vol 11(6), 65-70

The present study was purposively conducted to document the traditional knowledge related to treatment of reproductive disorders including late maturity, anoestrus, repeat breeding, retention of placenta, prolapse, abortion, stillbirth and dystocia of dairy animals in Alwar district of Rajasthan. Information was gleaned from 150 farmers, randomly selected, through personal interview with the help of open-ended schedule. It was observed that majority of farmers were using ‘Indigenous Technical Knowledge’ (ITKs) including grains, fruits, leaves and other part of herbs (or trees) as remedy for treatment while others “Do not have belief on ITKs for treatment” mostly of abortion, stillbirth and dystokia but some still believed in ‘Totakas’ (superstitions) to rectify reproductive disorders in dairy animals. The ITKs seem to be cheaper, locally and easily available even in remote areas. Thus, use of these ITKs may be encouraged after scientific validation.

Keywords : Dairy Animals Farmers Indigenous Technical Knowledge Reproductive Disorders

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