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Advancements in Management Practices from Far-off Dry Period to Initial Lactation Period for Improved Production, Reproduction and Health Performances in Dairy Animals: A Review

Amit Kumar Singh
Vol 11(3), 25-41

There has been a great research interest in the scientific community for managing the dry and initial lactation period of dairy animals in a strategic manner to achieve desired results. Considerable advancement has been achieved in the field of transition management of dairy animals however; a series of innovative studies are being carried out in this field. The scope of achieving improved lactation performances coupled with improved reproduction, health and behavioral activities of dairy animals is the prime reason for such an extensive interest in this field. There is a dramatic change in the physiological and metabolic profile of animals when they enter into a transition period and prepare themselves for a producing state from a non-producing state. This period is exposed to potentially health, production and reproduction related problems as this period is remarked with immuno-supression. Tremendous decrease in the dry matter intake has been found in transition period leading to further health, production and reproduction related issues. Therefore, it is a continuous and challenging task for the herdsman to properly manage the dairy animals during transition period in order to obtain desired results with minimum health and economic loss. Recent studies suggested that nutritional management, improving immune status, increasing comfort to maintain proper energy levels in dairy animals would help in achieving this target. This review focuses on the recent advances in the existing management practices of dairy animals during transition period.

Keywords : Dairy Animals Health Management Production Reproduction Transition Period

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