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Production Performance of ‘Zo ar’ a Local Chicken of Mizoram in its Home Tract

Ca Lalhlimpuia Nongthombam Shyamsana Singh Prava Mayengbam Ranjana Goswami Thingujam Chaa Tolenkhomba
Vol 11(4), 100-104

The present study was conducted to explore the production performance of the indigenous chicken of Mizoram in its home tract viz. Aizawl and Mamit districts. Data on production performance were collected through a pre-structured interview schedule from a total of 200 randomly selected households (100 from each district). Data collected were subjected to Independent t-test by using the software Statistical Package for Social Scientist (SPSS) for any significant differences between the two districts. The findings revealed that the age at first laying (range), age at sexual maturity (range), average clutch size (average ± SE) and laying cycle (range) were found to be 6 to 8 months, 5 to 7 months, 4.14±0.09 eggs and 4 to 5 months, respectively. Self- Broodiness was observed in all the birds. The average number of eggs set per hen was 10.29±0.13 eggs, with hatchability of 85.00±0.62 %. The annual egg production averaged as 44.65±0.40 eggs. No significant difference was observed in any of traits studied between the birds of the two districts, indicating the similarities in their genetic background. The study suggested that the production performance of local chicken of Mizoram was comparable with the other native chickens of other states in India but annual egg production was quite low compared to some other indigenous birds. Genetic improvement programme along with the better management practices will be of immense help in improving the production performance of this local chicken.

Keywords : Age At First Laying Broodiness Local Chicken Mizoram Production Performance

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