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Factor Analysis of Body Measurements of Zobawng Cows – A Local Hill Cattle of Mizoram, India

Thingujam Chaa Tolenkhomba Warngam Anal Nongthombam Shyamsana Singh Prava Mayengbam
Vol 11(4), 37-43

Twenty different biometric traits (body length, height at withers, heart girth, paunch girth, forehead width, arm length, elbow length, fore-shank length, thigh length, hind shank length, pes length, tail length, switch length, ear length, head length, eye to eye space, circumference of neck, neck length, circumference of horn and space between horns) in 50 cows of Mizoram local cattle “Zobawng” were recorded from native tracts (viz. Champhai and Saiha districts) of Mizoram, India and analyzed by Principal component analysis to explain body conformation. The average of these various traits indicates the local cattle of Mizoram is of smaller type of cattle. Factor analysis with promax rotation revealed five factors which explained about 75.052% of the total variation. Factor 1 described the general body conformation and explained 34.117% of total variation. It was represented by significant positive high loading for leg characteristics (viz. arm length, elbow length, fore shank length, thigh length and hind shank length) and neck length. The result suggests that principal component analysis (PCA) could be used in breeding programs with a drastic reduction in the number of biometric traits to be recorded to explain body conformation.

Keywords : Biometric Traits Local Cattle of Mizoram Principal Component Analysis Zobawng

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