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Adoption of Scientific Dairy Practices by Cross Bred Cow Rearer in Jodhpur District

Subhash Kachhawaha Poonam Kalash Babu Lal Jangid Bhagwat Singh Rathore Sushil Kumar Sharma Ashutosh Kumar Patel
Vol 11(10), 26-33

Dairying is an important enterprise for employment for the farmers in urban and rural areas of Rajasthan. With the growing pressure of human population, dairying has to be developed in a scientific manner so that the maximum potential of milch animals can be harness. Dairying in India has been considered to play a crucial role in Indian economy. The level of adoption of dairy innovation by farming community has been far from satisfactory though it has direct bearing on dairy farm production. The study was conducted in Jodhpur district with the objective to identify the level of adoption of major recommended scientific dairy practices by crossbred (CB) cattle rearers. The study was conducted on those farmers only which were work as dairy entrepreneur and already have taken training from Krishi Vigyan Kendra or other training institute of state Govt. /NGO. The selected respondents were interviewed personally with the help of a well-structured and pre-tested interview schedule in order to get relevant information. In the study it was found that the practices adopted by the farmers were Artificial Insemination(87.5 %), feeding of mineral mixture (95.83 %), deworming (95.83 %), feeding of chaffed fodder (82.5 %), disbudding/dehorning (81.66 %), vaccination and colostrum feeding (100%), drying of animals for 60-90 days (75.83 %), ecto-parasite control (74.16 %), feeding of balance ration (71.66%) and selling of milk through middle man (76.66 %).The average adoption index of different aspect of scientific dairy farming practices of breeding, feeding, health care, management and marketing were 36.16, 56.01,64.44, 45.24 and 34.71 percent respectively which indicates good knowledge level of dairy farmers in Jodhpur district.

Keywords : Adoption Crossbred Dairy Farmers Jodhpur Scientific Practice

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