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Behaviours, Health Status and Growth Performance of Crossbred Jersey Calves Reared Under Different Weaning System

Arunasalam Singaravadivelan Periyasamy Vijayakumar Masilamani Ramachandran R. Nithiaselvi T. Vasanthakumar T. Sivakumar
Vol 11(3), 92-97

Weaning age of the dairy calf is a matter of considerable ongoing debate. The present study was undertaken to know the outcome of day-old weaning and weaning at 6-8 weeks of age in crossbred Jersey calves maintained at Veterinary College and Research Institute, Orathanadu, Tamil Nadu, India. In the day-old weaning system, collection of higher milk yield, better control of calf milk intake and faster return to oestrus of the dam were observed as merits. However, in this system, the higher incidence of calf mortality, reduced growth rate and abnormal behavioural responses were also observed. The weaning of calves at 6-8 weeks of age has the advantage of better daily weight gain, improvement in health condition and loss of abnormal behavioural responses were noticed. The preliminary results of this study revealed that weaning the calves at 6-8 weeks of the age had a beneficial effect on the calf’s growth, health, and behaviour. Hence, the weaning of calves at 6-8 weeks of age is highly suitable for the intensive dairy farming system in India.

Keywords : Behaviours Weaning System Growth Performance Health Status Crossbred Calves

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