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Gross Morphological Features of Pancreas in Large White Yorkshire Pigs

K. Iniyah S. Jayachitra K. Balasundaram
Vol 9(3), 273-277

The pancreas for the present study had been collected from different age groups of apparently healthy large white Yorkshire pigs slaughtered at local slaughter house. In large white Yorkshire pigs, the pancreas was located along the dorsal aspect of the abdominal cavity behind the stomach in left of the median plane. The pancreas appeared as a pale pink triangular shaped lobulated gland with irregular margins and consisted of splenic, duodenal and connecting lobes. The three lobes of pancreas and the connecting strands enclosed the portal ring. Among the three lobes, the duodenal lobe was thin and long, the splenic lobe was thick and longer and the connecting lobe was thickest and shortest. Pancreatico-duodenal lymphnodes and adipose tissue were found adjacent to all the lobes and in portal ring. The main pancreatic duct arose from duodenal lobe and it opened about 20 cm from the pylorus in the duodenum.

Keywords : Large White Yorkshire Morphology Pancreas

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