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Histological Study of Pneumonic Lungs of Calves in Batna Slaughterhouse

Yasmine Oucheriah Nouzha Heleili Omar Benoune Ammar Ayachi Manel Meradi Souhila Belkadi
Vol 7(6), 153-158

93 lung fragments were taken from 31 calves, aged approximately from 1 to 2 years, with pulmonary lesions in order to define the nature of the lesions and to highlight the prevalence of respiratory diseases in young bulls. Results showed a prevalence of 4.67%. The seasonal impact of the lesions has been highly marked. Whatever the season, the most common lung injury is red hepatization injury (or consolidation) (38.70%) followed by grey hepatization (6.45%), emphysema (19.35%), pneumonia (32.25%) and finally bronchopneumonia (3.22%). Our study showed that lesions were preferentially localized in the right apical lobe. This investigation demonstrated the strong spread of atypical pneumonia in the cattle population (young bulls) at the slaughterhouse of Batna justifying stunting and losses recorded in cattle farms of the region. For this, it was deemed urgently the appreciation of the extent and severity of macroscopic and microscopic tissue changes in order to limit this increased infection.

Keywords : Injury Bulls Histopathology Pneumonia Batna Algeria

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