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The Incidence of Canine Spontaneous Tumours Diagnosed on The Basis of Cytology and Histology in Malwa Region

Aditya Sharma Supriya Shukla Nidhi Shrivastava B. P. Shukla Ankur Narad
Vol 9(11), 132-138

Neoplasia is an important concern for veterinary practitioners, diagnosticians and researchers because of its increasing prevalence and is one of the major cause of animal death. Tumour diagnosis for individual animals is becoming an increasing prominent part of small animal practice. The present study was undertaken to assess the incidence of various types of tumours in malwa region using cytology and histopathology. Fifty-eight tumour samples were collected from dogs irrespective of their sex, breed, age and were grouped in three categories viz. mammary, skin and visceral tumours cytology performed in 30 freshly incised tissues revealed 14(46.66%) samples as benign and 16(53.33%) to be malignant. Overall incidence of tumours based upon their location was maximum in case of Skin (50%) followed by Visceral (25.86%) and Mammary (24.13%). Histopathologically, incidence was maximum for Fibrosarcoma (10.34%) followed by others. Malignant tumours accounted for 62.06% of all cases among 58 tumour samples.

Keywords : Benign Canine Histopathology Malignant

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