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A Comparison of Morphological and Morphometric Traits of Known and Lesser Known Sheep Populations of Karnataka in the Farmers’ Flocks*

Siddalingswamy Hiremath1 Vinoo R. Appannavar M. M. Muralidhar M. Venkataseshaiah Ch. Ramanipushpa R. N. Sudhakar Krovvidi
Vol 9(11), 122-131

This study is an attempt to characterize lesser known sheep genetic groups viz. Mouli and Yalaga, which are popular among farmers for its meat production and also to compare with Kenguri sheep which is considered as heaviest among Karnataka sheep breeds. Data on morphological and morphometric traits were recorded in these three genetic groups at 2 tooth, 4 tooth, 6 tooth and 8 tooth stage in both the sexes from farmer's flocks. Mouli sheep were taller, polled in both sexes, possess long tail, long drooping ears, convex face with roman nose when compared to Kenguri and Yalaga sheep. Analysis of variance revealed that Mouli sheep had higher values and found significantly (P<0.01) different from Kenguri and Yalaga sheep with respect to body length, height at withers, flank width, face length and body weight. Age wise analysis of morphometric traits in three genetic traits indicated higher values in Mouli sheep for all traits studied than Kenguri and Yalaga sheep.

Keywords : Farmers' Flocks Morphometric Traits Phenotypic Characterization Sheep

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