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An Outbreak of Mixed Sheep Pox, Pulmonary Adenomatosis and Worm Infections in an Organized Sheep Farm of Andhra Pradesh

Srinivasa Naik Hamsavath S. V. Raghavendra
Vol 11(1), 190-196

Sheep pox is a highly contagious viral disease of sheep and caused by sheep pox virus. In present outbreak, more than 100 sheep out of 250 sized flock in the farm started showing symptoms of anorexia, dull, and depression, conjunctivitis, lacrimation, and nasal secretion. Young lambs exhibited severe pneumonic symptoms. A total of fifty-one sheep of different age groups died with a mortality of 19.9% and a morbidity of 32.4%. Grossly the affected sheep showed small circumscribed necrotic lesions and scabs surrounded by areas of edema and congestion under the abdomen, perineum and back of the body. Lungs in all the cases were congested, having pale whitish pock nodules on the surface and cranial lobes were hard with meaty appearance upon cut section in few cases. Bronchioles were dilated and contained frothy fluid. Histopathologically, pulmonary lesions showed characteristic sheep pox lesions with sheep pox cells in all the cases and in few cases it is mixed with lesions of pulmonary adenomatosis. Rumen and caecum revealed flukes and caecal worms, respectively. Based on the findings, the outbreak was confirmed as systemic sheep pox disease mixed with pulmonary adenomatosis and worm infections.

Keywords : Andhra Pradesh Outbreak Pulmonoary Adenomatosis Sheep Farm Sheep Pox Worm Infections

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