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Reproductive Performances of Native Sheep of Meghalaya under the Existing Management System

Dimpi Khanikar Arundhati Phookan Dhireswar Kalita Galib Uz Zaman Arpana Das Jakir Hussain Deep Prakash Saikia Eyangshuman Das
Vol 11(8), 33-39

The present work was designed to study various reproductive traits of native sheep of Meghalaya under field condition covering the breeding tracts viz. West Khasi Hills district and East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya. Data pertaining to 77 ewes were utilised for the study through personnel interviews and questionnaires. The overall least squares mean for age at first oestrus, age at first fertile service, age at first lambing, service period, lambing interval, oestrus cycle duration and lifetime lamb production were 370.052±0.802days, 389.307±0.134days, 540.123±0.128days, 256.432±8.961days, 408.005±9.527days, 16.494±0.058days and 3.584± 0.091 nos. respectively. The effect of location was found to be non-significant for all traits. This basic data will be helpful to design suitable conservation strategies for improvement of the sheep of Meghalaya.

Keywords : Meghalaya Reproductive Performances Sheep

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