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Influence of Maturity Stages on Nutritional Quality of Corn Forage and Corn Silage

C. S. Weerakkody W. A. D. Nayananjalie R. H. G. R. Wathsala K. D. R. Jayasena
Vol 8(2), 71-76

The objective of this study was to evaluate the nutritional quality of fresh corn plant and corn silage at two maturity stages; one third milk line and two third milk line of selected hybrid corn varieties; “Sampath”, Pacific, Super and Giant. Representative samples were obtained from different varieties at each maturity stage from fresh whole plant and silage for proximate analysis. Higher crude protein contents were recorded in varieties Super, “Sampath” and Pacific compared to Giant whereas, higher energy contents were recorded in varieties Super, “Sampath” and Giant compared to Pacific. Higher amount of crude protein was observed in fresh forage than silage. However, energy contents were higher in silage compared to forage. Milk line two-third kernel stage showed the highest crude protein contents while milk line one-third kernel stage had a higher energy and dry mater contents. Thus, it can be concluded that the nutrient contents in corn depend on variety, maturity stage and form of feeding.

Keywords : Corn Silage Maturity Stages Milk Line Nutritional Quality Varieties

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