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Screening of Madgyal Sheep for Leptin Gene Using PCR-SSCP

V. D. Pawar M. P. Sawane M. M. Chopade A. Y. Doiphode
Vol 8(2), 77-83

Leptin is a candidate gene for growth rate in mammals. The worldwide studies on various livestock species have identified various point mutations in Leptin gene, which are found to be influencing important economic traits including growth rate. The main objective of present study was to determine Leptin gene polymorphism and its association with body weights in Madgyal sheep using PCR-SSCP technique. PCR-SSCP is a reproducible, rapid and quite simple method for the detection of mutations through electrophoretic mobility differences in PCR amplified DNA. We have successfully amplified 180 bp and 275bp amplicons representing exon 1/2 and exon 3 of LEP gene, respectively. The PCR-SSCP analysis of these amplicons revealed a uniform band pattern in all 100 Madgyal sheep. The occurrence of monomorphic nature of Leptin gene in the present study indicates the lack of Leptin gene mutation in Madgyal sheep.

Keywords : Leptin Gene Madgyal Sheep PCR-SSCP

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