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Investigation on Outbreak of Peste Des Petits Ruminants (PPR) in an Organized Farm among Tellicherry Breed of Goats

S. Jaisree1 S. Hemalatha T.Muthuramalingam K. Manimaran R. Mahaprabhu P. Tensingh Gnanaraj K. Kumanan Parimal Roy
Vol 7(1), 100-106

An incidence of heavy mortality was observed among Tellicherry breed of goats in an organized farm. Mortality and morbidity rate recorded were 52% and 100% respectively. The clinical signs and necropsy findings were suggestive of PPR. Counter immunoelectrophoresis test was employed and found positive for PPR. Confirmative diagnosis was carried out with RT-PCR targeting N gene of PPR which yielded 350 bp products corresponding to PPR. Histopathological examination of lungs revealed severe serofibrinous broncho-interstitial pneumonia with multinucleated syncytia formation and intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies in bronchiolar epithelial cells. In Vero cells the CPE observed viz. rounding, syncytia and detachment of cell sheet were characteristic of PPRV. It was observed that Tellicherry breed was highly susceptible to PPR infection. Hence, the breed susceptibility may be considered while implementing control and eradication programme for PPR.

Keywords : PPR – Tellicherry – RT-PCR - Isolation

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