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Management of Arthritis using Nutraceuticals in Dogs – Clinical, Physiological and Haemato-Biochemical Evaluation

Thara Singh D. Lamani L. Ranganath B. N. Nagaraja M. L. Satyanarayana K. V. Jamuna C. Ansar Kamran
Vol 9(11), 170-175

The present study was carried out to evaluate influence of Nutraceuticals in arthritis in Dogs. There was no significance variations observed in physiological (rectal temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate), haematological (Hb, TEC, TLC and DLC) and biochemical parameters (serum creatinine, ALT and AST) in the both groups of dogs. There was gradual improvement and changes in clinical (weight bearing, joint motion and pain score), radiographic score and synovial fluid (volume, protein, TEC and DLC). Group I dogs showed significant improvement in condition confirmed by clinical and radiographical evaluation. On the basis of observation and the evaluation during the present study it was concluded that the Nutraceuticals were found to be a useful for the management of arthritis in dogs in terms of alleviation of pain and owner’s satisfaction and without any complications in dogs.

Keywords : Arthritis Clinical Haemato-Biochemical Analysis Nutraceuticals Physiological

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