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Management of Post-Partum Uterine Eversion in a Doe Using Retention Sutures

K. M. Manjusha Khan Sharun C. V. Haritha S. S. Asha Lekshmi A. T. Faslu Rahman K. S. Jisna M. S. Sivaprasad
Vol 10(1), 88-93

A case of total uterine eversion (uterine prolapse) in a doe and its successful management is described. The prolapsed uterine mass was carefully assessed and debris were removed by washing with mild potassium permanganate solution. Epidural anesthesia was achieved by infiltration of 2% lignocaine solution into the sacro-coccygeal vertebral space to prevent straining during correction of the prolapsed organ. The prolapsed masses were replaced back into the normal anatomical position after properly restraining the animal with hindquarters raised. Buhner’s suture was done in order to prevent recurrence. Antibiotics, analgesic and tetanus toxoid, were administered intramuscularly. The retention suture was removed after 10 days. There was no incidence of recurrence and the doe recovered uneventfully.

Keywords : Doe Epidural Anesthesia Post-Partum Retention Sutures Uterine Eversion

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