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Mechanisms of Neuropathic Pain

Deep Pratik Anjali Padhan Swagat Mohapatra Subhashree Sarangi Tushar Jyotiranjan Ambika Prasad Khadanga Mahapatra Akshaya Kumar Kundu
Vol 8(7), 50-55

Neuropathic pain has been concerning medical practitioners for quite some time. It is very common and occurs in almost 1% of world population. It is characterised by a pain sensation for a prolonged period with or without any stimulation. It may be caused due to any genetic anomaly or due to severe injury to the nervous system. The exact mechanism behind its occurrence is not known though studies show various changes at peripheral and central nervous system level that may lead to neuropathic pain. Various changes at tissue, cell and genetic level have been associated with neuropathic pain. This article aims at compiling recent findings related to the mechanisms of development of neuropathic pain at a molecular, CNS and PNS level.

Keywords : Idiopathic Mechanism Neuropathic pain Neuropathy Nervous

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