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Micro Mineral Status of Crossbred Cattle under Different Physiological Stages in Eastern India and Their Interrelationship in Soil and Fodders

Pallav Shekhar Pankaj Kumar Umesh Dimri Mahesh C. Sharma
Vol 7(4), 158-165

Minerals are inorganic dietary constituents required for various metabolic processes in the body. Availability of minerals to animals in appropriate quantities is a major factor determining the health and productivity. Keeping it in view, a baseline survey was conducted in four districts of Bihar. The aim of the study was to assess the major micro-minerals i.e., copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Iron (Fe) and Cobalt (Co) status of soil, plant/fodder and cattle in four districts (Muzaffarpur, Araria, Jehanabad and Bhagalpur) of Bihar. Soil (n=379), fodder (n=372) and plasma samples from cattle (n=290) were collected from four districts of Bihar. Minerals soil, plant/fodder (composite) and plasma were estimated by AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry). The average Cu, Zn, Fe and Co contents of soil in four representative districts of three agro-climatic zones of Bihar were found to be 1.212±0.046, 1.283±0.041, 56.036 ±1.273 and 0.403±0.010 µg/gm, respectively. The percent of soil deficient in Cu, Zn, Fe and Co were 23.21%, 38.28%, 3.52% and 27.20%, respectively. Similarly, the average Cu, Zn, Fe and Co contents of fodder were 12.07±0.251, 29.07±0.373, 145.34±8.980 and 0.276±0.012 µg/gm with deficiency of 30.37%, 43.54%, 0.80% and 21.77%, respectively. The overall prevalence of Cu, Zn, Fe and Co deficiency in plasma samples of cattle was 40.90%, 35.55%, 9.03% and 58.20% in the four districts of three agro-climatic zones of Bihar. Significant correlation was observed at 1% and 5% level for Cu, Zn Fe and Co concentrations in soil-fodder-cattle plasma of in almost all districts.

Keywords : Micro Mineral Soil Fodder Crossbred Cattle Physiological State Eastern India

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