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Relationship between the Growth Traits of Madras Red Sheep- An Empirical Analysis

Vinoth Kumar G.D. S. Selvam A. Serma Saravana Pandian P. Devendran A. Mohamed Safiullah
Vol 8(4), 81-85

An attempt was made in this study to estimate the relationship between body weight and body measurements of Madras Red sheep. The samples of the study consist of about 138 Madras red sheep under farm condition. Data pertaining to body weight and body measurements such as Withers height (WH), Body length (BL), Heart girth or chest girth (CG), and Paunch girth (PG) were taken. The results recorded from the body weight and body measurements were positively correlated and significant with each other except in 12 months. Chest girth had the highest correlation value between the body weight variable which was significant at all age groups and it will be the best to predict the body weight in correlations followed by Withers height. In the age of 6 months and 9 months only all the parameters were highly significant and highest R2 values among the equation. Paunch girth and body length which had been contribute low in body weight. From the regression equation 3 months age groups had the highest R2value of 74 per cent and 6 months age group which had the highest R2 value 92 per cent, whereas the 9 months of age R2 values was 87 per cent which were significant. For the 12 months age groups which R2 value was low value of 48 percent. Among the four equations best predictor of body weight using body measurements can be between 6-9 months age and chest girth will be the best parameter to prediction of body weight accurately followed by withers height which can be inclusion with chest girth for best prediction body weight more accurately.

Keywords : Body Weight Body Measurements Correlation Madras Red Sheep Prediction

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