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Comparative Expression Analysis of Porcine Beta-Defensin-1 Gene between Large White Yorkshire and Ankamali Pigs

Pruthviraj D. R. Venkatachalapathy R. T. Usha A. P. Pramod S. Pragathi K. S. Karthikeyan A.
Vol 8(4), 71-80

The porcine beta defensin-1 (PBD-1) gene encodes an antimicrobial peptide active against several bacteria and fungi. Ankamali pigs are indigenous to Kerala with unique qualities like disease resistance and adaptation to tropics. The Large White Yorkshire (LWY) is the most widely distributed breed of pig in the world. A study was undertaken to compare the expression profile of PBD-1 gene in different tissues of Ankamali and LWY pigs using quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) employing SYBR green chemistry. Relative quantification was performed by comparative Ct method. A significant difference (P<0.01) was observed in the expression of PBD-1 gene among the different tissues studied. Expression of PBD-1 mRNA was high in tongue and oral epithelia compared to the intestinal tissue, in both the breeds. Further, expression of PBD-1 mRNA was slightly higher in tissues of Ankamali pigs compared to LWY pigs. However, the difference was statistically not significant.

Keywords : Gene Expression Large White Yorkshire and Ankamali Pigs Porcine Beta Defensin-1 Gene

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