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Screening of Staphylococcus aureus Isolates from Bovine Mastitic Milk for Adhesion Genes

Jigneshkumar Alabhai Vala Reena Mukherjee Bhishma Dev Sahu Nitika Sharma Amol Ramdas Gurav Showkat ul Nabi
Vol 7(3), 70-73

S. aureus is the most significant causative agent of Bovine Mastitis. Adhesion proteins on cell wall of bacteria are an essential tool for establishment and continuation of chronic infection in mammary gland. The aim of present study was to screen isolates of S. aureus from mastitic milk via amplification of fnb protein and fib protein genes. PCR amplification of both genes revealed 404 bp product of fib gene and 524 bp product of fnbB gene.

Keywords : Adhesion Genes Bovine Mastitis PCR S. aureus Screening

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