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Strategies of Bacterial Isolation and Cultivation

Rajesh Kumar Verma Rajesh Kumar Joshi Namita Joshi
Vol 9(5), 1-9

For the study of bacterial virulence, antibiotic susceptibility and genome sequence a pure bacterial culture is remains required. A culture which contains only one species of microorganism is called a pure culture. The process of obtaining a pure culture by separating one species of microorganism from a mixture of other species is known as isolation of the organisms. Initially bacterial culture was based on incubation time, nutritional requirement, atmosphere and temperature. Further microbiologist rebirth the culture in clinical microbiology for intra cellular bacteria. New species of Rickettsia was allowed to grown through cell vial procedure. Fastidious bacteria like Tropheryma whipplei and coxiella burnetii grown in axenic media with amoebal coculture. By providing microaerophilc atmosphere in culture media mycobacterium cultivation time is decreases dramatically. Use of antioxidant provides anaerobic condition strictly to grow anaerobic bacteria.

Keywords : Amoebal Co-culture Axenic Media Bacterial Culture Virulence

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