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Virulence Characterization of Campylobacter jejuni Isolated from Poultry in India

Rahul Yadav and Sunil Maherchandani
Vol 10(3), 132-140

The present study was conducted for detection of various virulence factor (adherence, invasion, colonization, motility, lipo-oligosacchrides) and cytolethal distending toxin genes along antibiotic resistance determination among Campylobacter jejuni isolates of poultry origin in India. Adherence and lipo-oligosacchrides genes i.e. cadF, porA, jlpA, dnaJ, wlaN, waaC and capA were detected in 97.67%, 93.02%, 90.69%, 88.37%, 88.37%, 65.11% and 51.16% of the isolates respectively. Cytolethal distending toxin genes i.e. cdtC, cdtA and cdtB, were detected in higher proportions (86.04% to 97.67%) followed by flagellin gene i.e flaAflaBflgR (69.76% to 100%) and invasion genes i.e. iamAB, pldAand ciaB (34.88% to 88.37%) isolates. Further, phylogenetic analysis of iamAB gene revealed their unique genetic makeup and didn’t found homology from Indian origin.

Keywords : Campylobacter jejuni Poultry Virulence Genes

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