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Comparative Evaluation of Early Pregnancy Diagnostic Methods in Dairy Cows

S. Rashmi A. Sahadev M. Narayana Swamy B. M. Ravindranath C. R. Santhosh S. Naveen Kumar B. N. Nagaraja
Vol 10(5), 71-77

A study was conducted on 50 crossbred cows aged between 1½ to 8 years with an aim of early pregnancy diagnosis and to record embryonic mortality in cows by transrectal ultrasonography, rectal palpation, serum progesterone assay and pregnancy associated glycoprotein (PAG). In the present study, 6.41% embryonic mortality was observed between 28-42 days post-insemination. Ultrasonography was found to be more effective in diagnosing early pregnancy followed by PAG test by day 28, progesterone assay by day 36. However, PAG test was more accurate in diagnosing open cows at the earliest.

Keywords : Accuracy Dairy Cows Early Pregnancy Diagnosis Embryonic Loss

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