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Effect of Supplementation of L-Carnitine in Diet Containing Animal Fat on Serum Biochemical Parameters, Minerals and Lipid Peroxidation Level in Broiler Chicken

Murali. P George Sherin. K George Dominic
Vol 10(9), 37-42

An experiment was conducted to examine the effects of L-carnitine supplementation on blood biochemical parameters, minerals and lipid peroxidation level in broiler chicken fed with diet containing animal fat. Eighty-day old commercial broiler chicks (Vencobb) were randomly grouped into two treatment groups (T1 and T2) with four replications of ten chicks each and the rations were prepared with five per cent animal fat. The T2 group was supplemented with 900 mg of L-carnitine/kg of feed. L-carnitine supplementation did not show any effect on serum protein, albumin and minerals concentrations between treatment groups, whereas, serum glucose and iron contents were significantly increased. The serum Malondialdehyde, an indicator of oxidative stress, was significantly reduced in T2 compared to T1 group. From the results of present study, it is concluded that supplementation of L-carnitine in diet containing animal fat reduced the lipid peroxidation level in broiler chicken.

Keywords : Broiler Chicks L-carnitine Malondialdehyde Serum Biochemical Parameters and Serum Minerals

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