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Successful Management of Dystocia Due to Incomplete Cervical Dilatation by Intra-Cervical Application of PGE1 Analogue (Misoprostol) In Jersey Crossbred Cattle

S. Ashitha U. S. Kalyan N. Arunmozhi S. Rangasamy R. Sureshkumar K. Krishnakumar T. Sarath
Vol 11(3), 146-148

Two Jersey crossbred cattle, a 2-year-old heifer and a six-year-old cow, were presented to the Large Animal Obstetrics Unit, Madras Veterinary College Teaching Hospital with the history of full-term pregnancy and straining for the past 12 and 18 hours, respectively. Per vaginal examination revealed a one finger and two fingers dilation (respectively) of the cervix and a yellow, mucoid discharge was observed in both the animals. Both cases were diagnosed as dystocia due to incomplete cervical dilation. The animals were treated with dexamethasone (40 mg I/M) and synthetic PGF2α (cloprostenol, 500 µg, I/M). After 24 hours, examination revealed no change in the progress of cervical dilation. They were then each treated with calcium borogluconate (300 ml, S/C). 3 hours post calcium administration, the cervix had softened considerably. However, there was no observable dilation. The animals were then given misoprostol (Cytotec®, 1mg) intra-cervically and delivered live male calves around three hours later. Both animals had an uneventful recovery.

Keywords : Cattle Dystocia Incomplete Cervical Dilation Misoprostol

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