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Effect of Microencapsulated Multispecies Probiotic Supplementation in the Control of Coccidiosis

K. Divya Manjari M. Parthiban T. S. Saravanan M. Raman A. Palanisammi
Vol 11(4), 148-154

The annual financial loss to the poultry industry as a result of coccidiosis has been estimated at about US dollar 3 billion. The objective of the study to evaluate the effect of microencapsulated multispecies probiotic supplementation in the control of coccidiosis. In vivo trial, the birds were divided into 6 different groups with 10 birds in each group. Group1: Birds fed with microencapsulated immunomodulatory probiotic consortium1; Group2: Birds fed with microencapsulated immunomodulatory probiotic consortium2; Group3: Birds fed without probiotic organism and coccidiostat alone; Group4: Birds fed with commercial probiotic Group-5 and 6: Positive and negative control groups: Birds fed without probiotic organisms. On 18th day, all the groups except group 6 (negative control) were challenged with mixed oocysts of Eimeria maxima 60 % and Eimeria tenella 40 % at 15,000 oocysts/ chick by oral gavage method. Coccidiostat (12% salinomycin) was given at the concentration of 5 g/ 10 kg of feed from 14th day to 35th day age of birds in groups 3. The oocyst count, lesion score, histopathology of intestinal and body weight and feed conversion ratio were analyzed between probiotic treated and untreated groups. There is a reduction in shedding of oocyst count and severity of lesion between probiotic treated and untreated groups clearly indicated that the probiotic could be used to control the coccidiosis in broiler chicken.

Keywords : Broiler Coccidiosis Performance Probiotics Salinomycin

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