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Influence of Probiotics supplementation on Growth and Haemato-biochemical Parameters in Growing Cattle

Yasmin F. Alam M. J. Kabir M. E. Maruf A. A. Islam M. A. Hossain M. M.
Vol 11(6), 36-42

The study was carried out to evaluate the effects of dietary probiotic supplementation on growth performance and haemato-biochemical parameters of growing cattle. A total of 12 crossbred growing male cattle were randomly divided into three equal groups. In control group (T1), cattle were fed basal diet. In treatment groups T2 and T3, cattle were fed the same basal diet but supplemented with bacterial probiotic, and combination of bacterial plus yeast probiotic, respectively. The trial lasted for 90 days. Probiotic supplementation resulted in significant (P<0.05) improvement in body weight and average daily body weight gain over control group. In addition, dietary inclusion of probiotics resulted in significant (P<0.05) increase in Hb, RBCs, PCV, MCV and WBCs values. Concentrations of serum glucose, triglyceride and LDL were significantly (P<0.05) lowered in probiotic treated groups T2 and T3 than in control T1. It was concluded that probiotics supplementation could be used to improve the growth and haemato-biochemical parameters of growing cattle.

Keywords : Biochemistry Growing Cattle Growth Performance Haematology Probiotic

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